Best template for an ebook and landing page?


I am new to Unbounce. Creating a landing page for a client. their offer is a free ebook but they want to share a video on the topic as well. Any guidance on a template that would accomodate both? I do see video offer pages but they put video front and center and I think we want the ebook first with a form and then then the video below? Is this something I can do with any template? Sorry for what’s probably a basic question. 


Hi Barbara!
It sounds like you have a theory that the form being front and center (instead of the video) might work better for your conversion rate, so I think this would be a fantastic opportunity to a/b test both ideas to find out which approach converts better!

As far as starting with a template, I would suggest taking a look at our Yuli theme in the template browser. This template has the form up top, with the video as a feature down below. If you want a few more options, head over to the Unbounce category on Themeforestto browse the 70+ professionally designed templates including FORK, Livre and FLATPACK which all offer variations that have the form above the video. Uploading a template from Themeforest is super easy, too. 

No matter which route you go, we would love to hear how your testing went - so be sure to keep us updated after you’ve had enough time to test both variants!