Best Practices Question around Lead Generation with Unbounce


I’m looking to use Unbounce for lead generation driving traffic from Adwords (both display and text).

What would happen if I used Unbounce with a URL that does not have a site? Since I would be driving traffic directly to my Unbounce pages, I don’t really need pages on my URL.

Would Adwords reject me or increase my costs since there’s no web pages on that URL?

Or should I create a Wordpress site with a few pages and posts on that URL that relate to my topic?



Hey John,
I don’t really have a great answer for you about this, but I’m curious to hear any responses our community members have! I’m sure you’re aware, but you can add “” as a domain in Unbounce, so it’s possible to create a few pages within unbounce in addition to your landing pages.


I just created a single Unbounce page that had a Google adwords score of 10.

Can get higher than that!!