Best Practices on Client With A lot of Locations


Hi all, I know I’ve seen an answer to this somewhere, but I have a client that has 65 locations throughout the Western United States. Instead of me creating an individual landing page tailored to each location, how can I create one landing page and have it dynamically change? Or if there are any other best practices to saving me from creating individual pages for each location, please let me know. I am all ears…eyes.

Thank you!


Hey @Seth! How many elements needs to change on each page? Is it mostly copy, or do photos and other elements need to be changed per location?


Address, phone, and possibly a map.


We’ve done this before for our customers with several locations. We set the address & phone to dynamically swap using dynamic text replacement. We then make sure that each of our campaigns is using the area-specific URL. I am not entirely sure this may be the best method for your situation, but it does work well for us.

If you’re using CallRail for call tracking, you can use their nifty geo-routing feature that will route calls based on location.

Not entirely sure how to get the map to swap - maybe an @Unbounce-Experts can give you a hand!


Thanks Stefano, if you are using an area-specific URL for each landing
page, aren’t you essentially in the same predicament i stated earlier
having to make a landing page for each store location? I guess i don’t
understand the area-specific URL either. How does the page swap address and
phone, is it by IP address?


DTR allows us to append the URL with parameters we want to swap. So you’re using the same landing page w/ the same URL, but adding some tags to the end of it.

It will look sort of like this: [landing page URL]?[parameter]=[value]

Have a look at the documentation, it should help.

As for CallRail, it will use the area code to direct them to the right number.

What I meant by area specific, is that you’ll want to use the “Miami” URL for your campaigns in Miami and your “Boston” URL

Let me know if you need a hand setting this up, I’ll be glad to walk you through it!