Best practices in price testing!


Is correct to put the price in my first landing page? When i took the workshops and ecourses, i didnt see any price example. What do you recommend me? Thanks


Hey Marco!

Welcome to the unbounce community!

Great question. We’ve actually ran campaigns with our customers using both strategies. Price versus no price.

This is what we’ve seen so far:

  1. Showing the price on the landing page resulted in higher quality leads.
  2. Not showing the price (in some cases) has resulted in increased conversions for campaigns with CTAs such as “Get a Free Proposal”.
  3. When testing Price versus no Price with the same CTA, we saw a higher conversion rate when showing the price.

Bonus:  Showing the price or a “starting at” in the PPC advert almost always results in higher quality traffic.

Ultimately it depends on the product/service you are selling. For example, if you are selling a luxury item that is considered affordable in its category, not showing the price may give the visitor the impression it is too expensive - thus he/she will not convert. This is an assumption, however.

My two cents - use this as an opportunity to test!

Looking forward to seeing your results!