Best practice: How do you share your Unbounce landing page design with the client?


I’ve done it! I’ve created my first landing page with Unbounce. Now I’d like to share this masterpiece with my client to get feedback that I’ll likely ignore. Joking aside, my question is, what is the best practice for sharing the landing page I’ve designed with the client? Could it be as easy as generating a link to send them? That would be great. Thanks crew. Justin, Scale, Buffalo NY



Congrats on your first page! We typically create a PSD of the page before we build to share with the client and have them approve that before we build the page.

Once the page is built, before I start sending traffic, I will share the final link with the custom domain name. Typically I get a big thumbs up and move on. If there are tweaks I make them and again start driving traffic.

Because the pages are built on a sub-domain, and if you noidex, nofollow the page, it can be very discrete before you start sending traffic.

The other option is to make them a “viewer” account in unbounce so they can see the page. Viewer accounts are free and can be confined to that account so your client will only see their pages.

Hope that helps.



Hey, great question,

There are a couple ways to go about it.

  1. What I often do is just publish the page with a temporary UnbouncePages URL. Then send the client the link. Of course, the downside to this is that the page is technically public, and some clients don’t want anything to be public until it’s officially launched.

  2. For the picky clients who want everything super private, you can send them the “preview” link by going into preview mode, and copying the URL in your browser, and then sending that link to them. This will require them to sign up for an Unbounce account, but it can be a free account. They can sign up here: 

  3. You can also add them as a “viewer” to your account, if you have it set up client-by-client. To learn more about that, check this out: Note: I’m not sure if you’re charged when you add viewers or not, so you’ll want to check on that first.

Hope this helps you ignore their feedback with ease! j/k :wink: Have a great 3-day weekend.


I am a big fan of using a “live” link. We use a lot of custom scripts, animations, fonts etc. that don’t show in the editor well. If your client is super picky (as some are) give them a viewer account.


Joe, I didn’t know viewer accounts were free. That is good to hear.


Hello Nicholas, 
Joe and Nicholas Scalice’s advice works perfectly.  Additionally, if you are wanting to send a document you can publish the page momentarily, take a full page screen shot and send the PDF. has done the trick for me in the past.
Only necessary if a client/partner is highly private and you do not want to share access.
Best regards,Joe