Benefit to cross-linking to other unbounce pages?


I know landing page best-practices say your page should only have one conversion goal, but I have a question about cross-linking between my unbounce pages. For example, I have 13 landing pages for a solar company. I’ve broken them down into pages dealing with the most popular search queries in the customer journey, i.e one for solar company reviews, one about the installation process, one about the cost of going solar, etc.

I’m wondering if cross linking between these pages would benefit or hurt conversion rates. For example, if I have text on the Solar Company Reviews page that mentions the “Installation process” would linking that text to the Installation Process page benefit the user by giving them more information? Or would it send them on a wild goose chase?

They are all Unbounce pages using an approved template with conversion optimization best practices, but I dont want to give them a potential escape route.

What are you thoughts? Anybody have experience with this?


Hey Joe,

That’s a great question!  I can appreciate that making the jump to purchasing solar panels evokes lots of questions and can be fairly complex.  So please take it with a grain of salt when I tell you that yes, the best practice is to only have one call to action or link.  The logic is that each additional link or call to action becomes a distraction from the true objective and can lead to click paralysis - boy doesn’t that sound bad!  This said, your landing pages should alleviate the concerns that potential customers may have and many may want to see reviews, understand the installation process or have a general price in mind before filling out a form/calling your toll-free number.

It all comes down to what information you are displaying on your landing pages.  Is it possible to include summaries and overviews of these points on the landing page to avoid having to link away?  Many turn to explainer videos, case study downloads, e-book downloads and the likes.

To summarize, best practices are great, but they are not guaranteed wins.  Test it out, check out user testing and try to collect as much data as possible.

Warmest regards,