Beginner questions... Links from one unbound page to another, how many pages can I have, and 33% time 3


I have a few beginner questions…

Can I create links from one unbounce page to another?

How many live published pages can I have at one time?

If I have 3 pages each with a weight of 33% does it mean that unbounce will serve them up equally having a different one each time a user visits my site or domain name?


Curved Design, LLC


Hi there Marcus!

You asked some great questions so I’ll address them one by one.

  1. You sure can create links from one Unbounce page to another. This can be another Unbounce page, or a page hosted outside of Unbounce. Links can be created via text, a button, or an image. You can learn more about setting that up here:…

  1. Regardless of what plan you are on you will get 1 custom domain. Under that 1 custom domain you can create an unlimited number of landing pages. So for example:, and so forth

If you need more than 1 custom domain you can add them as you go. Each additional custom domain is $5 each per month. And under each added custom domain you can create an unlimited amount of landing pages.

  1. Unbounce cookies each new visitor to the landing page, this ensures they see the same variant every time.

As an example, let’s say you had 3 variants each given 33% traffic weight. Think of it just like flipping a coin. At first it will appear that one variant is getting more traffic than the others even though the chances of each coming up are still 33% each. Only until there is a significant amount of traffic will the true traffic weight be evident.

Marcus, I hope that clarifies everything, but let me know if you have any more questions about getting started! Unbounce Customer Success has three channels of Support and can also be reached at