Beautiful, fast, landing page request


Hello @Unbounce-Experts and co.,

The company I work for is asking me to put out the following request…

We’re looking for a custom, beautiful, fast landing page to be built which links with our Hubspot forms. The page needs to be over 90 on Google’s Page Speed Insights test tool and A on GTMetrix for both desktop and mobile.

If you’re interested please direct message me with your rates and we can discuss further.

Thanks :slight_smile:


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Thanks for posting here, John! I don’t doubt one (or more) of the Experts will reach out. Just wanted to bring the #job-board to your attention, you can post requests for contract work there if you need some assistance.

Something to keep on your radar. :slight_smile:

Hope you get the help you need, let me know if I can help it any way. Happy Friday!




Hi there!

Our team would love to help!

Sending you a DM now :slight_smile: