Basic referral function with signup counter


I’m hoping to find a script to do the following or to find out where best to hire someone to create it for unbounce (and an estimate of complexity/cost).

I am creating a simple landing page with aweber signup (and hopefully facebook social login). On the next page, the post-signup share page, I want something very similar to the attached screenshot, basically:

  1. subscriber 1 (s1) receives a unique referral link
  2. when others’ subscribe through the link, it says on s1’s share page how many have currently signed up, and which reward level he has currently reached (in a visual progression like in the attached example).

Optionally/ideally this link would also integrate with a viral giveaway function, whereas:

  1. initial signup also attributes a definable number of giveaway raffle entries to subscriber and
  2. when subscriber shares link, for each sharing action and/or new subscriber an additional, definable number of giveaway raffle entries are attributed to the subscriber
  3. at the end of giveaway script randomly picks the winning entry

Thank you in advance for any help!

I’ve found a service that offers all of this and more. Looks like it actually grew out of the open-sourced code from the Harry’s campaign above which got abandoned a few years ago. I specifically integrates with Unbounce, so I’ll give that a try.

Hey Rasmus, yeah that is a good one, or you can check out this product too, also inspired by Harry’s:

They have more info about how it all works here:

ha, my head is spinning a bit comparing kickofflabs vs upviral vs viral-loop…happen to have experience with multiple of them and a clear preference or differentiation?

I haven’t used either personally, but I have heard more about Viral Loops, and their templates seem to be a bit more refined and polished. However they appear to be more expensive overall.

If I was on a budget, I’d probably go with Kickoff, but if price wasn’t an issue, I’d probably go with Viral Loops.

It looks like both have free trials, so maybe give them both a shot and see which one is easier to work with.