Baffled at my low conversions. Any insights?


My AdWords are done by a pro and getting 40% conversions on other clients. It’s tight. 

I tested the phone numbers, doubled checked everything, and I think the pages are pretty decent. So why are my conversions less than 1%?

Maybe the industry? Type of purchase? Etc. 

Take a look if you can please!


Hi Lior, 

If you have a high CTR (Similar CTR of the other clients)  on your adwords ads but low conversion rate I think it means the message is different in the Ads and in the landing page. Have you checked if the message and call to action is the same in adwords and the landing pages? 

About your page I think in general is good but you have 2 different call to actions, phone call and contact form. The first button is to make a call which wont work if Im on a desktop computer. So try the contact form as the main call to action for desktop users.  and the phone for mobile users. (Google Call only ads are great for this) 

As for the product claims; Quality, Service and Affordable try to add some numbers. Such as “Affordable-Designs from $XXX.XX”, “Service - More than XX satisfied customers”, etc.

Hope this works! 



Hi Kenji! Thanks for this! 

The ads are pretty much the same as the landing page. Ads for wedding bands go to the wedding band page, etc. 

Even though the call won’t work on Desktop, I have another client with a very similar landing page and we are tracking through CallRail so people are definitely picking up the phone and calling it.

Is there a way in Unbounce to detect which device they are on and only show them the mobile version without the contact form? Or did you mean only do call ads for calls and the rest of the pages should be contact form?


Hello Lior,

Your best bet would be to hide the call functionality on desktop version :slight_smile:

Don’t delete it or it will automatically be deleted from mobile as well. 

Best regards,



Hi Joe,

How do I hide this?


Click the page element you want to hide and on the left hand side in the Page Content bar you should see that element highlight in blue.  Just click the image of the eye and it should be hidden from that desktop or mobile version of your landing landing page.


Hi Lior

Apples or Bananas
When I see 40% conversion rate that immediately alerts me. Two digit conversions (10% to 40%) are very uncommon for AdWords. Your example sounds more like a soft or micro conversion (eg. click on a link), which can be helpful to track but in most cases is just a partial goal achievement. The range for hard conversions (purchase, lead, etc.) is generally around the lower 1 digit percentage (0.5% up to 5%), all depending upon industry, channel, campaign, competition, etc. I read that average macro conversions can go up to 10% or 12% in certain industries, but I personally have never seen that in real life. 

So when you compare conversion rates do try to find a very similar case. 

Micro and macro conversions:

The following explanation fits your question and looks quite objective: 

The range of conversion rates can highly differ on campaign type (search, display) and keywords / content. Normally the campaigns with very high conversion rates will give you only a low volume of conversions. If you need volume you’ll have to deal with lower conversion rates.

Landing page

  • Forms: For the contact form I have seen much better conversion rates if the form was above the fold. Also a form conversion can be tracked quite well. 
  • Phone numbers: Same as forms the phone numbers need to be above the fold. But phone conversions can’t be tracked so easy. Google offers a method to have a redirect number installed on the landingpage which can be tracked more accurately but is more complex to set up.
  • Above the fold: Basically the value proposition and conversion goal need to be above the fold.



Be alerted all you want lol, I can show you numbers if you’d like. It was macro conversions, actual phone calls and leads. Either way it was just a comparison that bothered me. 

Phone number is currently above the fold and it is a trackable number through CallRail. 

Thank you!



Nice landing pages. I would recommend the hero images to get dulled out a little (opacity) to give the text the feel of solace. 

A quick question just to clarify, where are you checking this conversion rate? On Unbounce, or Adwords, or Google Analytics?



I’me eager to learn. I really wonder how you achieve such high conversion rates. As you already offered more insight, how about you post a bit more insight or even an article on We’d all appreciate that. 


Hey Aleks,

I understand your skepticism, but it is very possible depending on what the call to action is.  While I don’t know anything about Lior’s particular use cases, you can always give a big carrot to get above average results.  

For example, with Nexus Conversions if I were aggressive enough I might offer a free infographic to everyone who agreed to an animated explainer video consultation.  Guarantee you that we would see conversion rates blasting through the roof!  

The question is how much margin would be sacrificed by offering the “carrot” to generate above average conversion rates and would the increased volume justify the decreased margins?  

Lior - I am not saying this is what you are doing, but just defending the possibility of high double digit conversion rates :-) 




Hi Joe

Thanks for stepping into the conversation! I agree, such incentives (big free carrots) will lead to high conversion rates. I categorize them under micro conversions, as they don’t directly lead to sales. Normally contacts which are collected through free gifts are of poor quality as they are difficult to monetize. Lots of work to be done after this sort of lead collection.



Unbounce. I’m seeing how many uniques are hitting the page. Then seeing that only a couple form fills and 1 phone call after a month came through…


Unbounce. I’m seeing how many uniques are hitting the page. Then seeing that only a couple form fills and 1 phone call after a month came through…


Hi Lior,

A few months back, I was involved in optimizing an eCommerce store that sells engagement rings, diamonds, necklaces, etc.

A couple of the key findings that relate to your landing page:

  • Expectations - The store was converting at well below any eCommerce average you can find BUT that’s normal. When your cheapest product starts at $700+, it’s kind of hard to convert visitors to customers at 2, 3, 5 or 10%. My point is to have/set the proper expectations for you and your client.

  • Education - Picking an engagement ring requires a fair amount of education. It’s a once in a lifetime purchase (ok…maybe a few times in a lifetime) that you need to learn more about in order to make an informed purchase decision. Try providing an educational lead magnet ( explanation of the 4C, How to pick the right ring, 37 ways to propose, etc.) in exchange for the lead’s contact info.

In regards to the two pages you’ve provided:

_- Lots of “we” and “our” but your potential leads and customers care mostly about their particular “pain”.

  • How do you track walk-ins? After all the pages have the address and the CTA encourage visitors to “Come in Today…”.
  • Both pages talk about these “experts” in general but very little details on who they are, why are they experts, etc._ Last but not least, you might want to consider running some heatmaps on the pages to get a bit more data. 



Best answer I’ve gotten so far!

  • It wasn’t about converting customers, but visits into leads
  • Can test this, but that would give a general lead, when the AdWords was specifically for people searching for rings in Toronto… Conversions would probably drop off once they see the landing page doesn’t have the same message. If I add it as a bonus, it will be way too many CTAs
  • I removed the walk-ins. But they ask every single person and not one bridal client was from Google Ads. 

I changed the overall CTA on desktop to push only the form fill, with the number still there. But the idea is they HAVE to book an appointment. Mobile version shows phone number but it’s changed to call to book an appointment. Truthfully they want walk-ins but would love if I could track to see who is booking to walk in. 


Right. I’m confident you know this, but since Unbounce tracks only form submissions, your conversion rate will vastly vary. 

If you have form submissions and calls going into GA as goals, I believe that should give you an accurate gauge of a conversion rate. If you’ve tried that already, and still see a discrepancy in conversions then it’s not a technical issue. In which case, I believe everyone else (specifically Hristian’s point about education) has provided very valuable feedback that I won’t be able to top as I would agree with them. 

I will just add to Hristian’s answer and suggest you try remarketing to specific pieces of content that are designed to move a user along the funnel. 

Good luck!


I do have that as well, plugged in as goals from CallRail and connected to AdWords.

 Unbounce doesn’t just do form submissions. It also does button clicks (to phone call URLs which I count as well).