Background with 2 images


I am trying to build a page Section that has two images. Each image needs to take up 50% of the screen width (they can have a set height), they need to stretch to the edge of the page, and they need to scale with the page (for different resolution screens). 

I have already attempted to combine the two images as a single background, and assign it as the Section background, but this does not preserve the 50% ratio when scaling the page up or down. I have also attempted to use 2 Boxes, but there is no way to stretch a Box background image to the edge of the page. 

Anyone have any suggestions?


Hi Abraham, 
Looks like there hasn’t been any action on this one yet. To help kick off the conversation, would you be able to link to a page that has what you’re looking for? I’m having a hard time visualizing what this looks like myself. Would love to see an example!