Background Video (YouTube) Issue

I’ve been creating a new website and I’m running into some issues with the background video settings no applying the attributes in the query string. I would like the video to be a youtube playlist and run at HD1080 (or HD720) by default.

Steps to recreate

  1. Create a page in Unbounce
  2. Set the video background to be a youtube playlist and/or set vq=hd1080 e.g.

h t t p s://

(the above URL works fine when embeded outside of the Unbounce background video settings)


  • The main video loads but not the playlist
  • The quality is not HD1080 (also doesn’t work with HD720.

Further investigation:
Inspecting the rendered page source code, the youtube video is embeded with completely different query string attributes to the one I set on the background video URL. It looks like a youtube API takes over this functionality in Unbounce.

Has anyone else come across this and has a workaround or fix?