Background Images Stretched On ALL Pages!


Hey All,

One of my clients requested I expand some of their campaigns, so I logged in to Unbounce to create some new landing pages for the new keyword phrases we agreed to target.

I decided to duplicate an older landing page which had a similar theme to the newer ones, to reduce the amount of work- this is when I noticed that the background image on the landing page had gotten stretched to a much larger size than I had originally designed.

I discovered this apparently is an issue with the Background Image options update Unbounce recently released, and all my previously-created landing pages had their background image property automatically switched to “Fit background to container” under Advanced Settings.

So I’ve just spent several hours going through all my previously made landing pages and removing that unwanted change, which made the landing page display horribly and cause conversion rates to drop.

This is just a heads up to the rest of the Unbounce community, that if you have background images on your pages and you haven’t checked in a while, check one out and make sure it didn’t effect you too!

Also, some sort of heads up from Unbounce in the future during updates which are going to make mandatory changes to the way landing pages are displayed, would be appreciated, as it’s costing clients extra money when 1) landing pages stop performing due to an unannounced/expected change 2) having to spend extra time for the clients making mass landing page changes.

This is not the first instance where it has happened before- the way bold font was changed previously, without notice, and had an effect of the layout on all pages, which all then required small, tedious changes to be made manually.


Hi Andy,

I can understand your frustration and apologize for the extra work we caused you. The way that the background image features were built, it should not have affected existing pages. Although we did extensive testing, it turned out that some specific, older templates and page setups inadvertently had the featured turned on as part of the rollout.

The bold font issue was part of a more complex problem. What our testing revealed is that different browsers and mobile devices were line wrapping and handling bold fonts very differently. To ensure that what you see in the page builder matches the user experiences on all devices means we made some changes to the code. Although very few of our customers were affected, a few (and some people using custom CSS) found that our fix changed the page layout. 

Although we test extensively, we are constantly building new features and improving existing ones and sometimes bugs slip into production. If we make changes that we know will affect published pages, we do try to communicate them through out in app messaging system. 

We’ll do our best in the future to prevent these types of problems from happening but, if they do please don’t hesitate to let us know!