Background Images not displaying


I can see the images in the previews but when opening outside unbounce (via any browser) they are not shown.
Everything was working fine yesterday.
When viewing the source code the background points to:…

If I try to open it in a new window I get the next meesage:

“The requested URL /publish/assets/0ae0d516-7a1b-11e2-9ca6-12313e0080a1/freedomfield02.original.jpg was not found on this server.”


Hi Mogarick - I took a look at your page and it looks like all the background images that are in your page editor and are also showing up for the published page from my end. You may want to try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies in case this is causing an issue for how your page is displaying at your end.

Alternatively, if you still see the same issue after clearing your browser and refreshing, please email us a screenshot of the issue to and we can definitely dig in for you.


It’s because I solved the problem. It’s related with the beta editor. If I publish the page while using the beta editor the problem appears due maybe the way the image url is built.
If I change to the old editor and then republish the problem gets fixed I guess because the image URL is well built.


Just to let you know, the problem I reported persist. If you publish once you saved using the beta editor the backgroung disapears due to a bad built image link. If you return to actual editor, save and then republish the image is shown again.

It’s important to notice the images is shown when working on editor and even previeweing the page from there but once you check the page directly form the page URL the problem appears as I described above.

Hope you can replicate and solve it.


Hi Mogarick - I’m very sorry that you’re still seeing the issue with your page. We deployed a fix this morning for background images in the beta editor. Would you be able to try accessing the beta editor again, saving your page and republishing? Once you’ve republished, you’ll want to make sure your’ve cleared your cache and cookies before refreshing as well.

The issue should be fixed from the deploy but if you continue to see it on your published page, please let me know.


Well my first post of this issue failed so here goes attempt number 2…

I’m experiencing the same background issue with the new editor. I’ve reverted back to the current editor. Proposed fixes did not resolve it for me.

Forced to revert on the buttons as well. Would love to use the new gradient and rounded corner feature but not at the cost of losing the background image.

Thoughts? Solutions?


Background image is back after reverting to old editor but buttons are missing after removing and re-saving button images. Hmm! :frowning:


Hi Todd - we took a look at your page and it looks like this page was experiencing a bug that the dev team is currently working to fix. The good news is although they’re are still working on this, we do have a workaround and have applied it to your page. Please feel free to try your page again by clearing your browser and refreshing the page.

I also wanted to mention Todd that I noticed you gave your champion variant 1% and 99% to a challenger. If you are looking to use only one of your variants at this point, you can go to your page overview (where you normally see the AB test center and all variants of a page) and use the small gear button next to Variant I to promote it to champion. Only the champion variant of a page can have 100% of the page’s traffic weight.

Sorry again about the glitch you saw with the page Todd. I hope this helps but if you continue to see issues with the page, definitely let us know.


Hi Jacquelyn,

Thanks for the reply. I’m not entirely clear what I should try again

A) use the beta editor, use the new button toolkit with a resolved background from the workaround or

B) stick with the current/default editor with no background image issue but workaround restoring original buttons?

I only did the 1% + 99% to leave the champion variant as an example of the encountered issues. The current 99% variant is using buttons that are just images with a linked URL. Obviously no hover or active button image available.

Hope this explanation makes sense.