Background image moves position on different browsers?

Please help, my background image appears perfectly in the correct position for certain desktop browsers/screens but on others it moves and is partially obscured by the Section below.

Is there anyway that i can make sure it stays in the same position for all devices/browsers?


Hi Fred,

Could you tell me which browsers are behaving this way? It might help if we need to troubleshoot.



Thanks Jess, mucha ppreciated.

I have noticed that it is fine on mac - firefox and safari, however same background image is in a different position on microsoft explorer.

Hey Fred, I asked some folks from our Support team and this is what I know:

@BrunaGarcia: Different browsers have different ways to render the images. It looks like on IE when the image is scaled using height and width attributes can interfere with the rendering.

I found this CSS that might work for them:

They should be able to add this to any stylesheet they have on their page, but yes, it’s definitely a browser issue.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Jess, I’m sure that is what i’m looking for, but just not entirely sure how to implement it.

I have set up a style sheet and copied it in, but i think i am probably missing something as it is not making any difference.

Any additional comments/guidence would be much appreciated.


Hey @fred011012! :wave:

I would suggest reaching out to support so we can take a look at your page and make sure you are implementing the CSS correctly and investigate further if needed.

Have a great day!
-Bruna Garcia :woman_technologist:

Perfect, will do, many thanks.


Hi Bruna, Sorry for following up however have sent a message to support however have not at present heard back from them.

is there any way that you can give them a prod!


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Hi Fred, just for transparency here, our Support team answers each request in the order that they come in. If there’s a bit of a delay on it, that just means there’s other requests ahead of yours, sort of a first-come-first-serve basis.

I assure you the team’s working as fast as they can! Especially since the majority of the Support team is located here in Vancouver and they just started their day :slight_smile::sunny:

All the best,


Got it, and thanks, i’ve just heard from them.

Thanks for all your help.


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Great to hear! Let us know if you’re able to solve the issue :slight_smile: