Background-image displays in editor but not on live site


I have a background image that displays in the editor and in the preview window, but after I log out and see the site on different browsers the image doesn’t show up.

If I check the image path in the browser it’s something like …/publish/assets/random-string-image-name.png and I get an error of URL not found.

Without the background, the link text is not visible. If I change the link color in the meanwhile, it changes fine in the preview but, again, it doesn’t change in the live version. I still cleared the cache and nothing.

I didn’t have this problem, it happened suddenly without having changed anything. How can I fix it?


Hey there Laura,

Thanks for your question! I’ll need to dive into your pages to help you out, so I’m going to create a support ticket for you and get back to you by email in the next few minutes.

Talk to you soon!


Hey there Laura,

I made a support ticket for you last week, but I still haven’t heard back from you. Can you check in on your email using the email address on file with Unbounce for my reply? I’d love to get you back up and running here. :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you soon!