Background color on a form


Hi everybody

Firts of all, sorry for my bad english… :sweat:

I have a little problem. I change the background color on the form. So far, so good, but… when filling in the form, background goes yellow!! It’s horrible for my landing page design and it will be confusing for users …

Could anyone help me? there are some css code to change it?

Thx for your time.

I hope to hear from somebody soon



Hi Andrea! You’re english is great! No need for apologies :slight_smile:

This might be something that our Support team may need to look into, as they’ll be able to look into your page and find out what’s going on, because this seems very odd.

If you’d like me to look into it, feel free to send me a direct message. Otherwise, we have an EXCELLENT support team which can be reached at I’ll keep my eye out for your response! :wave:


Hi @Jess,

Thanks for your message. :heart_eyes_cat:

I would love you to help me.
How do we do it?




Was there any feedback about this? I’m experiencing the same situation.

Thank you in advance,



Hi Kate,

Do you have the page URL we can take a look at? I’ve heard of this issue happening in some older browsers, for some users, but not others.


Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for your quick response.
This is referring to this URL:

It hasn’t happened on any other of our landing pages and is only happening intermittently with this one.




Hmm, strange. I am not seeing any colors changing on the form when I try it on both desktop Chrome and mobile Safari.

However, on mobile, there do appear to be some responsive formatting issues with the form. Maybe it has not been mobile optimized yet. Just wanted to make sure you’re aware of that.

What kind of device/browser are you using when you see the yellow background?


If you have auto-fill set in chrome you might see the yellow. That would be my guess!


Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for your reply.
I forgot to mention I had not optimised for mobile at all! I have now and am also not seeing any yellow on mobile.

I’m using desktop chrome.



Hi Joe,

Thanks for your answer, I’ve deactivated auto-fill in Chrome.