Aweber integration


Is it possible to integrate aweber to capture the emails collected from the landing page?


Hi Trevor! We don’t currently have a specific integration for AWeber. We do provide a “webhook” feature that lets customers with some scripting/development capabilities handle simple integrations on their own (see… for details). However, as I understand it, AWeber doesn’t offer a public API quite yet, so while this might be possible, it might not be completely straightforward.

I can say that we *do* have a very nice integration coming with another email list management provider, I just can’t tell you *who* yet (it’s a surprise).


How can I integrate Aweber into my unbounce site. So that I can track signups as a conversion goal?

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any updates here? How about email parser… can you guys get aweber email parser to work with unbounce? or at least send confirmation in plain text file like wufoo?


Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve rolled out an API, so hopefully we’ll be able to integrate with Unbounce soon.

v1 of the API is read-only, but depending on what exactly Unbounce needs to do, that may be sufficient to make this work (concurrent with the API, we rolled out a WordPress form plugin that only requires read access to put a signup form on your blog).

Announcement details:…


Carl/anyone at Unbounce, drop me a line if you have any questions/suggestions!

Justin Premick
Director of Education Marketing
AWeber Communications
justinpremick (at) aweber (dot) com


Hi Justin, I know a *lot* of our customers are going to be encouraged by this news! I’ll have a look at your documentation and will definitely be in touch. Thanks a ton for letting us know!


Hi All,

You can use unbounce & aweber without playing with API. Simply use the unbounce feature “Email leads to one or more email addresses” to send directly email notification to your aweber’s lists and then use a custom email parser to do matching between email content and fields of your list. It takes 5 minutes to setup everything


Well, five minutes as long as you can do some basic regex customization. Here’s the configuration I used recently to test this out:

Trigger Rule : From:[^\n|.]
Rule 1 : email:\s+(.+?)\n
Rule 2 : name:\s+(.+?)\n

We send mixed text/html messages, so AWeber is able to parse our email lead notifications just fine. Note that you might need to tweak this a bit depending on how you’ve named your Unbounce form fields.

We’re currently working on packaging this all up nicely for users, but you’re correct, there’s nothing stopping folks from using this today!


Very happy to announce an official integration with AWeber for you guys! We just deployed it minutes ago, so check it out……