Avoid the "welcome email" in Mailchimp integration


Good news everyone!

We’ve updated our integration to prevent the final welcome email. Now when you integrate your pages with Mailchimp you’ll be presented with three options:

  1. Confirmation email
  2. Welcome Email
  3. I will configure an auto-responder manually in Mailchimp

No emails are sent with option #3 except auto-responders you’ve setup within Mailchimp.

Remember it’s best practice to setup auto-responders when not using any of Mailchimps default emails.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! :wink:


You say that the issue has been fixed, but we’re still getting the final welcome email fired. The settings for that email are off in MC, so I can’t understand why it’s still happening. Any updates on this situation guys?


You need to delete the integration and do the setup again. This way you will reset the settings and than will be able to select the option 3 "I will configure an auto-responder manually in Mailchimp ". That happened with me and the UB support instructed me to do so. It worked. 


Thanks for chiming in, Rosi! You hit the nail right on the head. Once you delete and go through the setup again, it should work flawlessly. 


Hello I am looking to access the information like who clicked on confirmation link. A flow like this.
User submitted form
User clicked on confirmation email.
Now he is redirected to my custom thankyou page.
How can I get his email address on this page?