Avoid the "welcome email" in Mailchimp integration


How to avoid the welcome final message in Mailchimp through its integration with Unbounce?

For us it’s a problem, as we’re using mailchimp not for people to subscribe to a newsletter but just to receive the required information with an autoresponder. But if the user receives a subscription message they feel upset as it was not our promise.

In Mailchimp support they told me it’s not mandatory but it is in the API of Unbounce. Isn’t it possible to exclude that to happen?


Hey Roger - this is a known issue.

Not too long ago, MailChimp updated their API so that the “Final Welcome Email” is no longer required. Prior to that update, MailChimp would always send that email, it used to be an API requirement.

We do plan to update our integration with MailChimps API changes, but in the meantime, I’d recommend customizing the welcome email into the autoresponder you want it to be. Don’t get hung up on the word “welcome” you can tailor the message to be anything you want. Let me know if that can work for you!


Hi Roger - the Mailchimp API used to require that the autoresponder email fired regardless of the settings in Mailchimp. They have updated their API to allow you to integrate and not have this trigger, but we still haven’t been able to update our code. This is on our list as an improvement we want to add, but unfortunately, at this point, I don’t have an ETA.

In the meantime, you can get around this by embedding an Unbounce form in a custom HTML element on your Unbounce page. Definitely a major headache, I know, but if you absolutely can’t have that Mailchimp confirmation sent, this will work.

If this is a major pain point for anyone else, please click the +1 in Roger’s original post and also comment below–we do prioritize enhancements based on customer demand.


Hi Lou,
thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work for us, as we followed Mailchimp’s recommendations not to have too many lists but just one list with different groups, segments, etc. So now it’s almost impossible to customize the welcome email for so different people… We even have problems with the “style”, as some should be called in a more formal way than others (it’s something that in English doesn’t happen, but we have clients in Spanish and in French, which differentiate between a “Usted” and a “Tœ”, or a “Vour” and “Toi” respectively). And many other issues…

So I hope you manage to solve it promptly and to be notified, please.



Hi Roger - thanks for sharing your use case! Generally, a confirmation email is best practice, so we been cautious about how to allow users to disable it–you definitely have a great reason to though. I’ll pass this on to our Product team.

In the meantime, you can avoid the confirmation email from MailChimp by embedding a MailChimp form in a custom HTML element on your Unbounce page, instead of using the Unbounce form. I know that’s a pain, but it will let you stop that confirmation from firing.


Thanks Quinn.
As far as I understood from MailChimp, their forms are still including the welcome email, and only the third parties (unbounce included) can with their APIs exclude that. So unfortunately, I will still have to wait until you solve this…



I would also like to know whether there is a timeline for solving this - I got in touch with Unbounce (and MailChimp, separately) about this issue in November last year, and the response from Unbounce was the same, that the “API had changed recently”.

I am in the same boat as Roger in that we have set up autoresponders tailored to different segments of a wider MailChimp list populated by Unbounce form information. The emails contain different information depending on what content a user has downloaded (ie, a a permalink to the particular download). The automatic welcome email is therefore redundant (and cannot be customised for segments in the same way), and we have noticed some people immediately unsubscribe upon receiving this (as is their prerogative - but they then don’t receive the useful autoresponder).

It’s a shame there is not yet a solution to this, as the Unbounce forms look a lot better than the MailChimp ones, and I would rather the integration was as slick as possible - particularly given that MailChimp have themselves now made the “Final Welcome Email” optional.



Thanks Roger and Tom for sharing your use cases!

We’ve been working hard on rolling out some high volume feature requests such as a Page Server 2.0, Dynamic Text Replacement, Responsive Design , Shared Scripts, and our template marketplace. Once we’ve rolled these out, we’ll be looking at amping up our current integrations, including MailChimp.

In the meantime, both of you may want to explore using Unbounce and MailChimp with our partner, Zapier.com. I reached out to their Support and it looks like they have an integration that’ll give you the option to choose “no” for the final “Welcome Email.” Hopefully that can do the trick.

Thanks for hanging in there!


now that the dynamic text replacement is available (not for us but for the 99+ users), is there any definition to solve this issue, please? To use zapier or external formas implies adding more complexity to our flow, which is contrary to one of the main reasons for Unbounce to exist…



Any update on this? I really would rather not have to pay for zapier. Seems like something you guys should update.


Please, couldn’t the API be updated so we stop dealing with this problem?




Many other service providers offer a workaround to Mailchimp’s welcome email requirement. Not sure why you guys can’t… Zapier is a good solution, but I’d rather not have to pay an additional monthly fee for them if possible.


@Nat and @Roger - I’m sorry to see you’re both frustrated. Right now, our Development team has been very busy working on rolling out our highest volume feature requests: Responsive Design and Shared Scripts. Once we’ve completed these, we’ll be looking at improving our current integrations, such as removing the welcome email from MailChimp. Thanks for your patience!


Dear @Lou,
I hope that Responsive Design is not another feature only for the more expensive plans, as was the case for the dynamic field, because it’s really frustrating to wait and wait in the name of a benefit than then is not for us…
But if RD is going to be included in our plans, I could wait for my other problem to be solved. Thanks.


Hey Roger, Responsive will definitely be a feature that all plan levels can take advantage of.


I’m also looking for the same solution as Roger. I’d like to disable the “Final Welcome Email”.


I’m scratching my eyeballs out over mailchimp’s final welcome email. I have spent months building my website and blog, and some weeks customizing my unbounce landing pages. I am currently on the 30-day trial for the starter plan (i.e. $49/month) and I am hoping to continue when the trial ends. However, just like the others above have pointed out; I’m frustrated with mailchimp’s final welcome email, which is automatically sent out regardless of whether or not I chose to do so. The worst part (which makes me want to punch somebody) is that the welcome email cannot be customized!!! I have tried everything I can, but still to no avail. I saw this video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J511q… in which the lady was able to customize the welcome email. I tried to do the same, but it was not possible.

I just want a simple Thank You email with some directions to leads on what to do next until I reply back to them. Instead mailchimp sends out a welcome email as seen below:
"Your subscription to our list has been confirmed.
For your records, here is a copy of the information you submitted to us…

Email Address:
First Name:
Last Name:

If at any time you wish to stop receiving our emails, you can:
unsubscribe here

You may also contact us at:

As I already mentioned; I tried to edit welcome email, but could not. The only editable part is the subject “Your subscription to our list has been confirmed”. I want to edit the whole email and write my own Thank You email. I am hoping that someone at unbounce and/or mailchimp can help me with this. So, far I have been impressed with unbounce and mailchimp, but this little flaw/frustration might be the killer for me. I don’t know why unbounce/mailchimp has not resolved this issue by now. Even if you (i.e. unbounce) are working on other projects, you should take sometime off to address the frustrations of your current clients/subscribers. Non of the guys above seem satisfied by the responses you have given so far, and I am not either. I am hoping that there is a simple quick fix to the problem in which case I would be sorry for being a little bit harsh on you.


Do you have a timeframe on when this will be updated?


Just so you know, you can edit the final welcome email. It is not as customizable as a full Autoresponder but go to

Lists> Select Your List > Sign Up Forms > Drop Down Menu Forms and response emails > Final welcome email

You have to leave the standard part with the unsubscribe button in but you can add a header image, add a text box (you can add linked images in this too) which then pushes the default unsubscribe button down.

Hope that helps