Unbounce needs an autosave feature. It doesn’t seem to take much for the browser app to freeze, forcing me to reload the page and lose all saves


I actually think I found a bug that is causing it. When I’m trying to change an image on the page (double-clicking it to open the Choose Image window) and then I upload a new image and rename it in the window, if the thumbnail breaks (fails to load) and I try to insert the image anyway, it freezes on the loading bar. 

That being said for me autosaving being timed would be annoying in a browser-based app. I would have it work similar to Google Docs and save with changes. Maybe saving for every change would be a lot for something like this (I’m not a developer, I don’t understand the mechanics behind it that well) but at least every time I click away from a text box.


Hi Alex,

This used to happen on my old computer from time to time.  I just had to get in the habit of saving it often.  Problem with the autosave is that sometimes I we make changes solely to be able to visualize if we like it.  Autosave would make every change be permanent.  I understand where you are coming from though and hope that you can understand why I don’t think this is on Unbounce’s “hit list”.




It wouldn’t have to if it saved versions the way google docs does. That way I can just revert to a previous version if I break something that badly. You also don’t have that problem if you fork every variant before you work on it.


Very true, Alex.  So what you are really proposing is a complete change history log for an autosave feature that will be activated for every change or every couple of changes while forking variants based on the additional changes.  That would be valuable, but sounds like a lot of work for the Unbounce development team and a lot of storage space.  I certainly can see how that would be beneficial though and am by no means opposing it! :slight_smile:

There was another conversation about this last week that ended with your conclusion, that ultimately for the time being, Unbounce was recommending to fork your variants with detailed explanations as frequently as you felt necessary.  Your points are valid and it appears you are not the only one with this concern.

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Let me be clear that I don’t think the autosave feature should fork it every time. I do that myself because it works for the way I work. I would think the autosave feature should keep a history log, though, at least going back x number of changes. Forking the variants yourself would prevent you from making a major change and not being able to revert it. 


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This was mentioned in the “Report a Problem” section ( but I figured it would be better in this section so people can vote on it.

I just started using Unbounce today and first thing that tripped me up was no auto-save! I *almost* lost more than an hour of work. I would have been choked. With auto-save being so prevalent in other SaaS apps, it’s almost assumed (for me at least) that all apps with editing capabilities will have auto-save.


Thanks for the help, now I have solved my problem that I have been facing for two weeks.


Hi Alex, I have to admit on not getting this problem it rarely freezes for me. That being said, how would you see this working? Would it save on certain on certain changes being made to the page like new images or text or would it be timed? Both had advantages and disadvantages. Would be interesting to see how you think the issue would best be managed for you.