Automating more than one template for Mailchimp Email Integration


Hello, I currently have a/b testing set up with two variants testing specifically the CTA.  
CTA #1 - Request for a demo
CTA #2 - Subscribe to our newsletters
When integrating with Mailchimp, it allows us to send the leads to a list.  It also allows us to set up a autoresponse email confirming their subscription.  My question is, is there a way to send the leads to two different lists, one for request a demo and one for newsletters? Also, is there a way to set up two different auto-responders depending on which CTA the lead clicked on?



I asked a similar question on this thread:…

I ultimately wrapped my brain around the use of lists and groups. It took me several tries but ultimately what Robin said made sense.

I don’t know if you can map in the form submit button to mailchimp, but you can take the page variant. That is probably how you are going to have to do it.

Good luck! It can be done!