Automatically Submit Form


I’m trying to have a form automatically submit once it opens and populates.  

The idea is to create a simple email campaign where a user presses an button to make a selection (ie: Are you still intersted?   or images).

Once user clicks the button, an Unbounce form is launched automatically populating their email address (via form parameters) and submits their Yes or No response.

Everything works except I can’t find a way to get the form to automatically submit. Trying to find a way to simulate a button click, either on completion of page or on a short timer, so that user doesn’t actually have to click “submit” on the Unbounce page.

Is this possible?

I tried this code, which should do the trick, but for some reason none of the code in the script runs (including the “alert” which I put there for testing purposes).

Any suggestions?


Hi Peter!

I haven’t seen any activity on this one yet, so I thought I would chime in. 

While in theory this functionality might seem useful, it might actually end up with a bad user experience if it’s not implemented correctly. Can you walk me through exactly what the user would see in this scenario? I’m guessing they would see an Unbounce page (and form) pop up momentarily, then disappear almost immediately, leaving them with the form confirmation dialogue that says “Thanks for submitting.”.

This instant flash of a page and auto submittal might make users uneasy as to what actually happened. While this might secure more conversions right off the bat, it also might come off as a bit confusing. Plus, what if the user was really interested in your offer and wanted to leave higher-value contact information? For example, if they noticed the initial offer through their work email address, then clicked through and wanted to submit their home email address, they wouldn’t have a chance to change this information. 

If you’re already at the point where user data is being pushed from the email campaign into the Unbounce, and all the user has to do is check it over and click is ‘submit’ - then I would say you’re in a pretty solid spot. 

Again, I’d be happy to chat about this further, just wanted to add in my personal two cents on the matter. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! 


Hi! I’m also looking for this! Need to implement simply for unbounce to collect info from another previously manually filled form hosted somewhere else. So basically this should be a seamless bridge.

Can you help?


I think you need to add a variable so we can pass data and if the form is complete it will submit it. I read about this on

they call it “one-click opt-in” 

Basically - I send an email using mailchimp to Sue Smith and it passes these variables to unbounce if she clicks on the email link “Register Me for This Webinar” … since she’s clicked to register in the email, she’ll land on a thank you page. 

They use the variable… …/submit?your-email-address=|*EmailMergTag*|?fname=|*fname*|?lname=|*lname*|

Auto Submit Form shouldn’t be used just because the user put in data…but if they are coming in on a URL and that data is already there, then it should allow us to auto-submit.