Automatic email with link to content?


I’m trying to set up a number of landing pages with sign up forms that send links to our different piece of content via email. The solution recommended in the community is to set up an autoresponder (Mailchimp is often recommended). We use Constant Contact which does have an autoresponder feature but only allows you to add a single welcome email, not one per piece of content. Obviously the user needs to receive the content via email straight away.

Is there a way to get Unbounce to send an email with a link to the content or does it _ have  _ _to be via a 3rd party integrated tool?

I don’t want to send the user directly to the content URL as they tend to use an incorrect email address.  


Hey Joe,

While I don’t have much context into your exact situation, it sounds like the real problem is that you want to ensure you are getting a real email before giving them free content.  While I don’t believe Unbounce has the functionality you are hoping for, take a look at utilizing social logins through linkedin and facebook.  I have not implemented it yet, but theoretically you will be capturing an accurate email via their existing social accounts.  Hope that this might be somewhat relevant to help you achieve your underlying issue.

Best of luck,



Great suggestion, Joe! It’s pretty easy to implement this for facebook, and we have a step-by-step guide for LinkedIn as well. 

Aside from that, if your goal is to send someone an email with the correct info right off the bat, then you’ll need to implement a third party solution as Unbounce doesn’t have any built-in email campaign capabilities. One suggestion you could try is using MailChimp’s ‘Final Welcome Email’ so you can customize the welcome email to suit your needs. I’m not entirely sure if this is available in Constant Contact, but it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to them and ask. 

Hope this helps, Joe!