Automatic download on a confirmation landing page


I have a lead gen landing page and I wan’t prospects to download a pdf after submitting the form.

I am trying to create a confirmation landing page to load on form submission that will automatically download the pdf and display some thank you copy.

I added the following as a script in the head section:

META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="0;URL=http://URL/download.php?f=FILE.pdf"\>   

Thinking that it would automatically trigger a download in capable browsers (I also included a ‘click here to download’ link, just in case). This does not work, though. I get the following error:

HTTP Status 500 -

type Status report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

Is this a limitation of the Unbounce platform? Can anyone help me with this?



Hi Michael,

I assume you have the file hosted somewhere already? I have never tried the first approach you tried with refresh but perhaps the syntax should be like:

I can’t think of any reason off hand why the link would not have worked. If you contact and include the URL to your page in the app we can take a closer look.

Also, we are currently working on a feature that will let you upload these kinds of files and then allow your users to download them from a form confirmation dialog box. Unfortunately this feature is still a week or two away from being released.




Just chiming in…that I want this as well. I have just tried “sending the visitor to a URL (the direct download link to an s3 hosted PDF)” vs. showing a message, etc. I don’t know if that works on all browsers, etc. but it was my way :slight_smile:


Here’s some code that Mark, a support tech at Unbounce, and I came up with that will work for the automatic downloads:

Make sure to include jQuery and replace #lp-pom-button-27 with your download button.


Hi everyone!

Looks like Andrew’s code got stripped out, so here it is:

<script type="text/javascript"> <br />
 jQuery('#lp-pom-button-27').click(function(e) { <br />
   if(lp.jQuery('form').valid()) { <br />
//stop the browser from following <br />
     window.location.href = ''; <br />
   } <br />
 }); <br /> </script>

I haven’t tested it myself, but Andrew said he had success with it.


Note that I’ve had success with this but it hasn’t worked on all my forms for some reason. I’m going to test that more and post back with the results.


Ok, so the issue was that for this JS to work you need to set it to appear just before the body tag *not* in the head, as I did on the broken pages.

Also make sure to include jQuery.


do you have an html version of it? 


Thanks so much for the update, Andrew!


Good that you found a solution to this with the power of the community. From a user perspective though I would personally prefer to actually click a download button on the confirmation page, would make more sense to me :wink:


Hi Andrew and Mark,

I tried to use this code but it isn’t working. I changed the #lp-pom-button for mine and also the link, but for no reason doesn’t work.

Is there any advice that you could give me?