Auto sync new conversions to Highrise CRM


I would like to be able to add my newest conversions to Highrise. Every time I get a new conversion I have to download the CSV file, delete the ones I already entered and then upload the new ones. If Unbounce could just allow me to add all new conversions (from every page) to Highrise (or even sync it automatically) it would be worth paying extra for. For me anyway.


Hi Adam, definitely understand your pain! More integrations is high on our list this year (we’re hiring a developer to focus 100% on integrations), and Highrise CRM is already on our list of target integrations. So the plan is to let you automatically add your leads to Highrise without all the downloading/uploading shenanigans. Hang in there!


Thanks so much for the quick response Carl. I’m really digging Unbounce and am having a lot of success with it. Keep up the great work.


Just wanted to pipe in and say we’d love to see a Highrise / Unbounce integration as well.



I’d love for an Insightly integration. Failing that, Batchbook. I ditched Highrise some time ago, either of these two are better IMO


Just wanted to let you guys know that we’re keeping a semi-complete list of future integrations over here:…

You can add new ideas to the list and vote on existing ones. This is not everything on our radar, but we’ll be updating with more soon.


Would love to see this as well!


Hi everyone,

I am Pete from OneSaas. ( We are a cloud integration solution who recently rolled out a beta connector for Unbounce. We currently have a Highrise HQ connector as well as many others. This integration would take the contacts from your landing page and push them to Highrise HQ.


Thanks Pete, we’re pumped that you guys have got the Unbounce integration happening with OneSaas, and that it connects to Highrise too!


Any news on this matter?


Hey Ron! We’re going to be focusing on our API for a bit before we start doing more integrations. In the meantime, OneSaaS appears to be a great solution. Have talked to Corneliu over there, and are pretty impressed with what they’re doing. They walked us through configuration, and they’ve done a good job of making it pretty painless…