Auto send a thank you email


When someone fills in the form, I would like an email to be automatically sent to them, this could contain a link, file or just some text. Its like a thank you page but instead an email is automatically sent to the user on completion of the form. It would still display the thank you page though.


Ok thanks.


Unless I am missing something Mailchimp only allows us to send one “welcome email” per mailchimp list.

So say I have one Mailchimp list and 15 unbounce landing pages. The only email I can send instantly from Mailchimp is the one “welcome email” despite all the landing pages having different content.

Mailchimps autoresponders are very limited and don’t allow an instant send.

How are other people solving this?

I’d be happy to hook up an account like sendgrid or something. But really need the ability to email people relevant content after they signup.

Also I know unbounce coming out with some account management features soon. Managing multiple clients and trying to hook them all upto Mailchimp or another provider like Wufoo is a major pain just to send a single email for each landing page.


I am also having this same problem. MailChimp is overkill for something that is as simple as what we need. Anyone else have another solution? I know we could send lead data to a webhook, but I’m still missing an autoresponder service on the other end of things.


Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback. A big reason why we’re reluctant to wrap up a basic auto-responder feature into our product is because it’s actually not a very trivial service to do well, even at the most basic level. We’d want to ensure high delivery rates and protect the system from being abused for spam… these are concerns that MailChimp and other EMS providers worry about every day. The last thing we want at Unbounce is to move our focus away from building great landing pages.

All that being said, I really do understand your need for a bare-bones, simple solution to sending a follow up email to new leads. I’ve added it to our product/integrations issue queue so that we will be sure to discuss it with the rest of our product roadmap.



Hello Unbounce,

My client has just requested the same thing as being suggested above.

Have you come close to having something in beta? Or using a third party tool that is either free or close to free that is seamless in doing this one basic thing.

Thanks looking forward to your feedback


Sorry to put an ad of our service here, but as we are using unbounce too, I think it wouldn’t hurt.

I represent a free email marketing service, Mailrelay, that has great autoresponder capabilities, you can check here:

It’s free up to 15.000 sends month (3.000 subscriber limit) or 25.000 monthly sends / 5.000 subscribers if you follow us on Twitter / Face

I would be glad to answer any inquiries, but feel free to create your free accounts and check yourselves.


Hello Simone,

We integrate directly with MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber and Campaign Monitor to provide this kind of functionality. I know MailChimp offers a free subscription up to a certain number of emails per month so they might do the trick.

All you need to do is configure the integration and design your final welcome email in MailChimp (this is what’s sent to users when they’re added to your list). That’s it. When customers submit your form, they’ll receive the welcome email from MailChimp which you can design as a thank you message.

You can see how the two work together (including a video) in Unbounce Answers:…


Hi Glenn, good question!

Unbounce doesn’t have this ability built in, but we do integrate with MailChimp for email list management. We have lots of customers who are using MailChimp this way, plus it’s free to get started (for lists up to 1000, and up to 6000 messages sent per month).


How can i integrate mailrelay with unbounce