This was mentioned in the “Report a Problem” section ( but I figured it would be better in this section so people can vote on it.

I just started using Unbounce today and first thing that tripped me up was no auto-save! I *almost* lost more than an hour of work. I would have been choked. With auto-save being so prevalent in other SaaS apps, it’s almost assumed (for me at least) that all apps with editing capabilities will have auto-save.


I lost a few hours of work as a I assumed that each time I closed a block of text it was saved.


Having used Unbounce for about six weeks, I’ve come to learn to always hit save, especially before previewing all of my hard work. However, I’m not ALWAYS actively thinking about functionality that should be built-in to a solution that’s as far along as Unbounce, and I occasionally lose work when trying to do something as simple as changing a color when the tool freezes and has to be reset.

Not only does it cost me my sanity, but it also costs time and actual money in re-work… along with the dollars into the office swear jar. PLEASE add this into a (near)future release.

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Thanks so much for the valuable feedback, David! Hopefully we can make that swear jar lighter in the future. :wink:


Any chance of this coming soon?


I’d up-vote this 100X if I could.