Auto assign a tag on landingpage email opt-in with mailchimp integration


hee guys,

I have a few landingpages where people can opt-in for a newsletter;

Depending on the landingpage I want to automatically assign a different tag depending on where they opt-in

Example needs the tag: Whitelist needs the tag: Ambassador

I tried adding a new field naming it TAG but I tested and it doesnt assign the tag in mailchimp…

Anybody have an idea what to do?


So I got it to add the tag but it is not showing up in the right column, its duplicating a new tags field


Hi @LeftyLuke,

Tags are fairly new MailChimp feature and I don’t think the native Unbounce integration has been updated to support them. (To be honest, I don’t find tags that useful really)

You can try doing it through Zapier or you can always add a tag to an automation sequence. If you are sending any kind of an automated message to your leads, you can set up a post-sending action to add the tag.



Hi Hristian thanks for your reply, I found a way to work it out segmenting groups which is possible in unbounce at the moment…