Auto 301 redirect on URL change


If you change the URL of a landing page, it should automatically create a 301 redirect for the old URL.


Hey Wisam, great idea! We’ve done some work on our Page Server to accommodate redirects, we just haven’t created a UI to open this functionality up to customers yet. Aside from the use-case you mentioned, do you find yourself wishing you could manage URL redirects in bulk across many pages?


Has anyone experienced the following Cross-browser client side URL redirection generator tool with Unbounce?

I’m trying to get my Unbounce Form Confirmation Dialog redirecting to a 3rd party URL for survey filling (e.g. Wufoo) with a single click on the form button. Simply, how do I redirect Unbounce form confirmation dialog to URL (possibly with a delay). Any suggestions or ideas?

Thank you.


Hi Evimi, 

Welcome back to the Community! Just so I’m clear on your question, you want to essentially redirect the user automatically after they see the form confirmation, is that correct? 

One thought I have on this is that it might not be the most user-friendly experience. After submitting a form, it might be a bit jarring to get automatically punted to another page after a few seconds. Perhaps you could ease the transition a bit with a button on the form confirmation that says “click here to continue” or “click here for survey” or similar? 

Also, do you have an example page so we can see what you have so far? Hopefully we can help out!


Separate question from original.

Please reference the new conversation here: Has anyone tried this Cross-browser client side URl redirection generator tool wi…


Oh hey! I wanted to reopen this conversation because I’m wondering if this functionality will ever be incorporated. I’d love to change the URL of one of my landing pages, but I also want the old URL to redirect to the new one.

Does Unbounce currently support this option?

Thanks for the insight!