Attribution for Unbounce landing pages test for Adwords campaigns


Hi there, we’re considering using Unbounce landing pages (using subdomain tracked through GA) to try and improve conversion rate of some of our Adwords campaigns. We would optimise for an event conversion goal currently tracked through GA.

Would anyone have some clarity on what needs to be done to a) be able to monitor/compare conversions by variant while b) making sure that these conversions are attributed to the right ppc campaigns in GA and Adwords, not Unbounce?




Hey Antoine!

The GA integration w/ Unbounce will get you set up really quickly. We use unbounce pages for all of our customers and track leads through Google Analytics. We create a conversion goal using events and import this conversion into AdWords. As long as you are using auto-tracking or UTMs on AdWords, it should attribute nicely both in GA and AdWords.

You’ll also be able to view data by variant within GA.

If you need a hand setting this up, or have any other questions please let me know! :clap:


Thanks Stefano! This makes sense but I think our case is slightly different: we have a conversion event set up on our site already, and the landing page would redirect to our site for people to browse further. So the conversion would happen from our site, not from the landing page, but I’d still like to track which variant of the landing drives more conversions eventually. Makes sense? I think it’s a slightly different use case than yours, isn’t it?


Hey Antoine!

Yes this makes sense. In this case, you’ll need to make sure you have cross-browser tracking correctly in google analytics (if you’re using a subdomain). See Google Analytics documentation here.

You can use “Goal Flow” to actually view the journey the visitor took to convert.

Let me know if this what you are trying to achieve?



Hi Stefano, sorry to jump on this topic, but I have an issue tracking goals with Google Analytics.
As Antoine22 here, I have an event conversion goal currently tracked through GA.
All the conversions are tracked properly in Google Ads, but attribution is not working in Google Analytics (it says that Unbounce landing pages have no conversions)
I’m assuming this may be a cross subdomain tracking problem. Can you assist me on this issue? Thanks!


Hi Santiago,

Where are your conversions taking place right now. Are they going on via your landing pages?

Have you used the native Google Analytics integration with your Unbounce page(s)?

Happy to help!


Thanks a lot!
Conversions are in my app, this is the flow:

  1. Visit lands in unbounce landing page (
  2. User clicks “Join” or “book a board”
  3. User lands in our signup page
  4. User signs up (sign up event is triggered in our app, and signup GOAL in Google Analytics is fired)

What should happen:
In Google Analytics, Sign up goal should be attributed to Unbounce landing page but it’s not.

Google Analytics integration is through the Script Manager.


Hi there!

I am wondering if there is issues because the signup is a Lightbox and the parameters are not being carried over.

Do you have this option ticked off on your CTAs?



That box is ticked on.

Remember the Sign Up Goal is a Google Analytics Goal, not an Unbounce Goal. And the event is being fired in my app, not in Unbounce Landing page.
The problem is that conversions are not attributed to the Unbounce landing page (and we are getting conversions).


Hi Santiago,

It looks like conversions are not taking place on those landing pages because the conversion actually happens at a later time, on a different page.

If you have conversion goals set up correctly on Google Analytics, you could use the “Goal Flow” feature to view the journey the visitor took to convert. By using Goal Flow, you’ll know which page(s) the user visited prior to converting.


Hi Stefano,
the goal is working correctly in Google Analytics for every other source, except for the ones that I’m using Unbounce landing pages, that’s why this is a cross subdomain tracking problem.
You can see that here, it is not tracking the conversions where I’m using Unbounce:

If you check this screenshot, you will see that conversions are working, but not being tracked for the paid campaigns (only a few conversions are tracked that are the sitelinks not pointing to Unbounce landing pages)

Is this clear? Thanks a lot for your time!