At the end of the day Unbounce is all about the leads Ñ lets add more functionality to how we handle them!


I have been using Unbounce to create landing pages for many of our clients for over a year now and once the clients start to stack up keeping them all updated with with a .csv file on a weekly basis can become quite a task.

I have two solutions which improve the way we handle our leads on Unbouce making sharing leads a much more streamlined process.

Solution 1: Ability to delete leads, thats it just a simple check box and “delete selected leads button”.
Why? Ñ every time we need to send leads out to clients it would look much more professional if we could remove all test related leads from both our side and the client side, also many people may submit forms twice or with wrong details cleaning this file up once instead of every time the .csv file is sent would save time.

Benefits Ñ Not only will this be great for sending clean .csv files but also it will mean conversion statistics will be much more accurate as upon removing a lead it should also be removed from the statistics so -1 view and - 1 lead.

Solution 2: Scheduled lead .csv file emailing. Under the “generate .csv of leads” lets add a “Schedule Lead Reporting” button. This will open a pop up window where you can ad email addresses and a message and then set up daily, weekly or monthly .csv file email outs to the specified contacts, also ability choose for how long the scheduling will run for or a start and stop button. Then have a reply to email field as-well.

Extra: In the account setting just like how you can edit the styling of the lead notification email the scheduling email should be able to be styled.

What are your thoughts Unbounce and users?