Assessment Page

I am trying to optimize this page for a tablet. But I embed the code from another program into this page and when you go on this page on a tablet the page gets completely cut off. Any help?!

Hey @joypak could you explain what gets “completely cut off”?

When I go to the URL used in the content you have embedded, everything looks the same on any screen size.

There is a lot of white space on the page, is something missing there?

Hi Joy, since Unbounce doesn’t have a table-specific breakpoint, it would be difficult to optimize specifically for tablets. I would, however, recommend focusing on your mobile layout, as mobile traffic is so important these days.

As Kyle mentioned, the page you shared does not appear to be mobile optimized. This is likely due to the fact that you have so much content embedded on the page.

Is there a reason you didn’t want to build the page section-by-section in Unbounce, without using the embedded code widget? Because if you did it that way, you could easily clean up and optimize the mobile layout.