Asia Data Center?


I recall someone mentioning that you are using Amazon Web Services? Would it be possible to use some of their servers in Singapore?

All of my traffic is coming from Japan and I’m noticing slow load times for the landing pages in Japan.


Hi! Yes, we do use AWS. That said, we do have a little work to do on our own software before we can support multiple data centers. Luckily, that’s something we’re working on right now, so we hope to have more locations added early in 2011.

In the meantime, some of our customers have had success using CloudFlare, a caching proxy service…


Hi there. Is there any update to this? Still experiencing some pretty slow loads.


Hi Ejovi! We did end up expanding to an additional North American location, but we’re finding that we’ll have more work to do before we can add locations outside of North America. I’m sorry, but I don’t have an ETA at this time.

Did you have any luck trying out CloudFlare?


Carl, it’s not going well. Cloudflare disabled all traffic going to unbounce. They also never notified me or any other users:

You can see the email from one of their support members below:

From: Jeremy
Subject: I can’t add my subdomain to cloudflare


Thank you for contacting CloudFlare.

Unbounce pages are not compatible with CloudFlare. Proxying such a subdomain will result in Bad Gateway errors and so we have prevented them from being enabled.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Hi Ejovi, my apologies, this is obviously news to us. I’ll get in touch with CloudFlare and see what I can figure out.


Hi – Justin from CloudFlare’s customer support team here.

There was a bit of confusion and a misunderstanding here I think. People can still setup for their sites that are using CloudFlare, but we are blocking CloudFlare from being enabled on those A or CNAME records.

The user is more than welcome to still use the service while using CloudFlare – they just won’t be able to enable our proxy service on those records to ensure that there aren’t any connectivity issues.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns we can help with.


So to clarify, you mean, we can host unbounce pages for DNS purposes only. But we can not use any other cloudflare functionality for unbounce pages.

The CDN and protection services was the only reason I placed my unbounce pages on cloudflare. If that’s not possible, there is no need for me to use cloudflare in this case. Nor any other unbounce customers.



Sorry for the confusion. That is correct – for the time being Unbounce pages would need to remain grey clouded which means they won’t be proxied, but our DNS will continue to resolve those records.

We do hope to have a fix for the conflict that we were seeing between the services. Just to note – this is likely an issue between CloudFlare and Amazon’s CloudFront service that was resulting in the 502/503/504 bad gateway error messages.


Just wanted to add that we’re now working with CloudFlare to dig into this further and actually get things resolved. Will keep this thread updated!


This is 4 months ago - any news?

We are seeing slow loads directly from S3 bucket urls for many assets.
How about just enabling AWS Cloudfront as a CDN on top of the buckets?



As a note – the earlier issue between Unbounce and CloudFlare has since been resolved almost exactly 4 months ago. It was addressed within a few days of Carl posting above.


Thanks for chiming in Justin!

Ulrik, a CDN on top of the assets in published Unbounce pages is certainly on our roadmap. If you contact, they can certainly get you on the list of folks interested in being a beta tester as soon as we’ve got something to play with.


Hi Everyone!

We recently deployed loading pages with our Content Delivery Network (CDN) as a Labs feature. Read more about it here and learn about how to set it up for your pages here.