Appending form data on a multi-page form


Hi all.
I wonder if anyone can help me.
I’ll try and explain as clearly as I can

Basically, I have created a multi-step form (i.e. a form that goes from url to url to url).

The form itself is fine. That works…I’ll post it here (please note, this is for desktop only…I haven’t created the mobile version yet):

Here’s the big problem.

I’m using a script that auto-redirects the user at two of the stages.

When this happens I can’t pass previous form data to the next step.

This is the script:

When this script fires & it re-directs, it loses the previous form data.

I guess my question is whether there is any way of amending this redirect script in a way that appends form data to the new url? I need to carry the persons postcode value all the way to the final step.

I have a hidden form on the two ‘searching’ pages and hidden fields that match with the previous form as it goes along but because the form data isn’t being appended the postcode isn’t carrying over to the final stage.

If this isn’t possible, can anyone else think of a way I can use Unbounce to create the same effect that I’m going for with those searching.gifs? (if you go through the form you’ll see what I mean!)



Hi @Les_Zeppelin,

You can always write whatever information/fields you need to the browser’s localStorage and on the last step use that information to fill out hidden fields in your form.

Here are a couple of community posts/scripts to get you started.



Thanks for those links!

I think this is all beyond me unfortunately
I installed those two scripts on each url in each step and it still isn’t working :frowning:

I think there’s something fundemental that I’m doing wrong and I don’t have the technical knowledge to proceed.

I think maybe loading new pages would kill conversion rates anyway.

I wish Unbounce could make building multi-step forms like this simple. Oh well :slight_smile:


Hey @Les_Zeppelin,

Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with these scripts.

Multi-step forms are always complicated and based on my experience I can think of at least a few dozen edge cases, where multi-step forms need to act differently depending on the particular use case.



I tried skipping the two pages with the automatic redirect scripts to see what would happen (i.e. turning it into a regular multi-page form).

It carried the postcode to the final step but dropped the other answers.
It’s not the worst thing in the world because I would have all the details I need to work the leads on my end.

The problem are those automatic redirects.

I wonder if there’s a way to modify the script in a way that appends form data over (and UTM paremeters)?

If you think you might be able to work it out, would this be a something I could discuss with you via a PM as a job?



Hi @Les_Zeppelin,

Feel free to DM me or email me directly at

Please include an example page with the automatic redirects you’ve mentioned and a detailed brief on the expected outcome.

I’ll take a look and get back to you.