Appending data - can I limit it?


Trying to see if I can limit the data that I need to append to another page - the reason being is that we’ve dynamic variables on the first page and want to track who goes to 2nd page, but with only the specific dynamic data.  I know I can append data, but it’ll append everything, and then makes it difficult to track - help appreciated!


Hi Robin,

I had similar issue a few weeks ago and posted a question about it. 

There is a workaround that you can find in my question here.

Basically, you play around with the fields on the 2nd page either by changing their IDs or hiding some of them.

Hope that points you in the right direction.


Thanks Hristan,  but isn’t exactly what I need.

Essentially we’ve a dynamic page which uses a location UTM from 4 different ads to be created. What I want is to pass through the UTM only to the next page so that I can track which ad was successful (and let the form data go to the email package)…

… I think it needs a bit of script to append the right data to it… but I’m no coder!