App for storing landing pages as PDF or PNG

One of my clients requires storing all landing pages in a PDF format into a shared document account for archival purposes.

I’ve been using a chrome extension Full Page Screen Capture (

The free version does a great job of scanning a page of any length and allowing you to save as a PNG or PDF file.

I recently upgraded to the Premium version for only $1/mo.

This allows me to attached a URL link to the page so it can be launched from Adobe Acrobat if the page is still in a published mode.

It also allows me to add text annotations. So, I’m adding the date the page was published along with notes. A lot of my pages are iterations of prior pages. So, the notes are simply what has been added, deleted or changed.


If I didn’t know any better Ed, I’d say you worked for :joy:

This is such an awesome tip!

:point_up: This strategy is key, I know each agency has their own system for file sharing, and especially now that so many people aren’t able to meet in person to go over mockups – these sorts of ideas are more valuable than ever. Thanks so much for sharing here!


I should have mentioned - I have no affiliation with this app. :wink:

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