API timeout


Just want to start a thread of communication here:

@Hristian explained that the API keeps timing out, he’s been experiencing this issue since last Wednesday/Thursday. This happens when he hits /leads.

@hoyan.leung, when you have a moment, can you provide some support here?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @Hristian!

Which of the /leads endpoints are you hitting? Is it the pages one (i.e. /pages/{page_id}/leads) or the sub-accounts one (i.e. /sub_accounts/{sub_account_id}/leads)?



Hi @hoyan.leung,

The first one - /pages/pageID/leads


@Hristian - if you’ve got a page id (uuid) for me, I can take a look. Also, are you passing any additional query string parameters (e.g. date range, limit, sort, etc.)?

There is a known issues for /leads where it can time out if there is a lot of data. In any case, probably better if we take a look make sure there isn’t something really obvious that we’re missing.

BTW, if you feel more comfortable doing this over DM, feel free to DM me.


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