Anyone ever integrated with Vocus?


I’d like to have my submit form send form data to Vocus, which handles my contacts. Has anyone else done this? Can you just submit it to a url?


Hi Jonathan - I had a look through our support ticket history and I can find any other inquiries about an integration with Vocus.

That said, I did find that Vocus does have a public API, so it should be possible to push data from an Unbounce form into Vocus. From the Unbounce side, you can set your form to post to a URL or push the data with a webhook (more on that here:…), but it will take some work (and likely a bit of coding) on the Vocus end to set it up so they can receive the data.


I’d like to see this integration as well. While I have access to create landing pages in Vocus, I prefer the pages I am getting here and like some of the specific features here.

Integration of form data and tracking data would be invaluable however.


Quinn, good point. I don’t know enough about APIs to do that integration myself. I had it posting to the URL used on my website at: (the newsletter sign up on the left toggle) But I didn’t realize I’d need to modify scripts on the Vocus side. The form data is not posting to Vocus, from what I could tell in my test attempts. What about using the form created from Vocus and manually entering it into my unbounce LP? That way, instead of the “download ebook” button, it would be my Vocus “sign up for newsletter” button?

@Ian, are you using Salesforce? I’m considering using the Salesforce Integration, and then bringing those interested prospects back to Vocus via import after they go into SF. We could also use the Vocus landing pages, but then we lose all the analytics and everything awesome about Unbounce.

Still not set on this method though, as the value of this email capture campaign is that I will have automated drip marketing go out to customers after they sign up and download the ebook - which is kind of dead if you do it manually via import.


In an ideal world I would continue to use the Unbounce landing pages. I like the design, and design platform as well as the analytics.

I thought about a similar round-trip kind of idea- through Salesforce or other CRM, but would like to skip that if possible. Too many places that need attention seems to kill the main goal of some level of automation.

For now I am working on building out an autoresponder sequence and exporting csv data from Unbounce. This means eliminating earlier leads to prevent duplications.

Sounds like you are further into it than I am. Anyone else?


I would prefer to use Unbounce as well. There’s no doubt that its MUCH better than vocus landing pages. But for now, my hands are tied. I’m using the Vocus landing page so I can get captured emails directly back to Vocus.

I’m so fed up with Vocus at this point though, I’m about to cancel my contract with them. So I may just give up on this idea.


Ian, did you do all of the autoresponders here in unbounce?


I had looked at using the Unbounce/Mailchimp integration to handle autoresponders, but it seems like it could only be done if you also send the Mailchimp opt-in email which seems redundant.

It is too bad that the HTML for Unbounce pages can’t be exportable/embeddable or we could use Unbounce to create and port the code to Vocus. I am looking at some of the Unbounce/Themeforest pages and may do something like that so I can have similar skins on both Vocus generated content and Unbounce.

I was also thinking about using a Zapier trigger to move new leads through a pipeline. Maybe via a google doc.