Anybody experiencing issues with Google Form tracking?


In the last 2-3 weeks, I have experienced issues with Google form conversion tracking. 

I had no problems up until that point, but suddenly in 2016 none of my form tracking is showing as a conversion in my adword account. 

Obviously I still have the form enquiry (which is great) but  can’t track which keyword/ ad etc is converting, so really hindering my optimisation. 

I spoke to google who told me that it was a problem with the thank you page and depending on which browser the customer was using, so I took it on the chin. 

But since, I have had no forms successfully track? 

Just trying to see if its a global problem, or just me!! 


Hi Chris,

GA is correctly firing for me. I typically don’t like using the Thank You page to track visitors, but rather use event conditions to track form completions. This is what it looks like: