Any way to show popup even if the user is converted?

I am trying to show the popup even if the user is converted. How can I achieve that?

Hi @Oscar_Oz , in your Page Overview section you can customize the frequency of your popup. This should allow you to display content to each visitor, every time they visit your page.

Hope that helps!


HÄ° Jess,

Sorry but if a user is converted it doesn’t show on every visit. That option doesn’t trigger. If you read the tooltip of the frequency it says if the user is converted the popup doesn’t show up.

Ah, yes! If you remove the popup conversion goal, the popup will always display even after leads convert. On the flip side, you won’t be able to track conversions. Hope that helps!


That’s great thanks. It solves my problem.

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Where is that setting, because I can’t find it. Thanks!