Any way to connect Unbounce with ResponseTap?


We use ResponseTap for our call tracking needs and I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a way to integrate their tracking software with Unbounce so that phone leads will be calculated into our pages’ conversions rates in the Unbounce dashboard.

ResponseTap itself has a pretty robust reporting system, but they only track call leads (not form submissions).

We also have everything in Analytics, but it’s a bit challenging to get an aggregate view of the data for Unbounce because we’re using dynamic text insertion, so each page variant (e.g., is calculated separately.

It would be nice if there was some way that we could easily see how our Unbounce landing pages are converting overall, with both form submissions and phone calls included!

Any ideas?


Hi @leah.ann,

Since you already have the data inside Google Analytics have you tried creating a custom report?

It’s actually quite powerful and would be more useful to you then simply sending the call conversions data back to Unbounce.



I would suggest aggregating all your data inside Google Analytics and creating reports from there as @Hristian mentioned above! We use CallRail for our call-tracking and this is our favourite method of creating reports & tracking results.