Any plans for a login w fb button


would be very cool if we could test if people are willing to log in to our value prop w facebook connect and then generate a “we will get back to you when we launch” message…

would also be cool to test conversions on the different level of fb integration we ask for


Hey Adam,
We do have plans for more social widgets in general, and I’ll add this to the list. Thanks for the suggestion!


Second this bigtime.


We are doing this with our social campaigns. Just use the FB Connect image and associate with your facebook login link. The visitor would then arrive at the “authorize” the sharing of their information page. When click yes, they are then redirected to the following step, which may be a “we will get back to you when we launch” page.

So far the FB button has performed great through our FB campaigns, not so much in SEM :slight_smile:


Third this suggestion!

Thanks Carlos for the interim workaround.


Although this functionality isn’t built in to the app just yet, there is a workaround that might do what you’re looking for in the meantime.

First, give this quick demo a try:…

If this is what you’re looking for then check out Johnny’s response on this thread for step-by-step instructions for setting this up:…

I would love to hear how this impacts conversion rates when compared to traditional email capture. As Carlos mentioned, FB campaigns would probably see some good performance - but SEM might be a different story. Has anyone in the community A/B tested this approach yet?


See my response below and let me know if that helps. :slight_smile:


looks like it is on the right track - I am getting hung up on a javascriptloginstate thing or something… but my hypothesis is that this will cause general email conversions to skyrocket across the board… by at least 25% - especially if the forms can be hidden


too bad that this feature is not implemented properly, i am struggling from one hour to try to add button and impossible to make it works…


Any word on social login progress, Justin?