Any knowledge or eperince of bots accessing your unbounce landing pages from google adwords?


Any knowledge or experience of bots accessing your Unbounce landing pages from Google adwords?

I have, what I thought was, a very successful, Adword campaigns driving traffic to an Unbounce landing page with a click-through to a customer registration page on our site ( The registration page is not unique to my campaign, but my boss says bot activity on our sight is up since this campaign started. I’ve little experience in this area - any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Hi Stephen!

Since you first signed up with Unbounce, we’ve recently released improved spam filtering
If this is a recent campaign, you should see a reduction, not an increase, in bots hitting your Unbounce pages.

That being said, you mention that the registration page is not unique to your Unbounce and PPC campaign? If that’s the case, spam bots may be sneaking through Google’s barriers from other sources.

To validate the origin of these visits, I’d first recommend hoping into GA and viewing the ‘All Traffic’ section of your analytics (Traffic Sources Ð> Sources Ð> All Traffic).
From here, you can take a look at your top traffic sources and click on each to see where your surge may be coming from.

In sum though, when it comes to bots, there could be a multitude of factors here Stephen, so I’ve opened up a support ticket for you. Check your email shortly!