Any glaring reason for only 1% conversions so far?


Any glaring reason for only 1% conversions so far?
89 visitors but only 1 conversion! Would LOVE some feedback. It’s not a sexy subject but Google adwords are very focused and search terms are in the wheelhouse but only one lead so far.


Hey David,

I empathize with you :slight_smile: we have all been there.

I’ll give it a one over tomorrow and provide some high level feedback.  

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We’ve all been there. Right this second, I have a landing page with over 1000 sessions, with 0 form conversions. It happens to most of us. 

Joe has given you some good direction to hopefully it will get you sorted.


Hello David,

At last I have a moment to check this out :slight_smile:

Ok.  First things first, I recommend you review these two threads to read feedback outside of your own niche.  Sometimes a different perspective at a different problem can help.…

Hope that helped!  

Disclaimer : Keep in mind this is conjecture and no substitute for A/B testing :-) 

  • What do you want your visitor to feel when they read, “You know your business.”?  If not a strategic reason for placing that as your headline, you might consider framing it around your USP, a pain point and at the least a continuity of message match from your PPC ad.  
  • Could you place your logo at the top of the page so that people know who they are dealing with right off the bat?  I believe you have it as your hero image right now.  Best practices are not sure bets, but this might be something worth considering.
  • Do you know that the answer to the questions you ask beneath the subheadline will support your cause?  
  • Could the content have more clear visual breaks?  
  • You have a great testimonial!  Wonder how you could put “25% more business on 25% less inventory” to work for you elsewhere on the page.  Might even consider using it as a subheadline :slight_smile: no right answer, but it could be a potential test down the road
  • Could you speak towards the benefits more?  In the world of animated explainer videos, we like to help a person imagine themselves experiencing the benefits.  For example, a retail store owner that could carry 25% less inventory and make 25% more money would surely feel i.e. peace of mind that they were not sitting on dead stock.
  • Could you further clarify what they will get in turn for giving up their personal information?
  • Could you break each of the components of your offering into its own page section and elaborate further?
  • Urgency, scarcity, social proof and other “best practices” might be worth considering
  • Many other potential changes and tests, but hopefully that is a good start

Don’t forget that their may be issues up stream.  Review your ad campaigns and make sure that you are targeting relevant keywords, a target audience that truly needs what you offer and set the context with appropriate ad verbiage.  

Don’t be discouraged that things didn’t work the way you hoped right out of the gate.  All good things take time and if it was so easy a caveman could do it, then there would be no barrier of entry :slight_smile:

Test frequently, ask for feedback from customers, build up your user personas and study the customer journey.  Over time you will get some wins and the good news is that you can pivot your landing pages on a dime with Unbounce!  Hope that helps a little and feel free to reach out to me personally by email at hello(at) if you’d like.

Best regards,

Joe Faillace