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Proven Skin Landing Page Request Form

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Proven Skin

Theme (1-2 word description to be used in file naming):

The Proven Difference

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Description: How is this campaign different from previous campaigns?

This is the first landing page we are creating for Proven. Our focus will be to highlight how Proven Skin is a much more simpler option versus other high end products or going to a dermatologist.

What customer/user problem is this trying to solve?

The customer is frustrated and overwhelmed with trying to figure out which skincare products are best for them. They do not want a 10 step routine that costs hundreds of dollars that they are not sure even works. They are looking for simplicity, social proof and a clear understanding of what they are getting.

What is your hypothesis of why this will work?

The aim is to highlight how Proven Skin is the right choice because it is personalized and simple. It is the best option because it will save time and money.

Who are you targeting with this landing page?

  • 25-65+ males and females in the US
  • Loves to try new things
  • tech savvy
  • Takes care of their body, takes vitamins, works out
  • Foodie

Which images or videos would you like to use?

Hero Shot

Image to the right of copy

Headline: Personalized skin care for (rotate through the following words: breakouts, dryness, wrinkles, YOU.)

Headline should be similar to how the headline rotates through one work on this page:

Subheadline: Find out why thousands are switching to the most personal skincare line on the planet.

CTA: Get My Formula

Section #1

The Proven Skincare Difference

Our holistic approach to skincare is completely backed by data. The answers you provide to our Skin Genome Quiz, help us select the best ingredients for YOUR skin.

The best part? You won’t waste time or money trying products that may or may not work. Each Proven product is custom-made to give your skin just what it needs, using scientific expertise and the most effective ingredients.

CTA: Get My Formula

Section #2

This section should appear similar to the section below on this page:

Headline: Formulas that evolve with you

The following should each be on a line that points to the product

  • Customized to more than 47 factors about you
  • Powerful ingredients for you in a simple, 3-product system
  • Formulated by leading Stanford scientists
  • Cruelty free, clean beauty and made in the USA ![|624x224]
    Section #3

Review Section

A section similar to how this image is laid out but with 3 quotes rotating

Review #1

“I have seen a dramatic change in my skin.I can confidently say that these products have dramatically reduced my acne, eliminated my dry patches and skin tightness.” - Dania

Review #2

“Proven has completely transformed my skin. There’s a reason why all the reviews are so positive. My skin is softer, even, I have no breakouts, crows feet are gone, yes gone!!! It’s worth every penny ! Better than any department store high end product I have ever tired.”

  • Char

Review #3

“I LOVE this stuff, I saw a difference within 2 days of using it twice a day. I have used many high end skincare products, but this works better and doesn’t upset sensitive skin.I’m hooked!!” - Jay

CTA: Get My Formula

Logo Bar

Please have the logos appear as the do on this page right under the review section

Your Personal Skincare System Is Waiting for You.


Quote at the top of the section

Personalized skin care is not only necessary, it’s the future of the beauty industry,” - Ming Zhao, Founder and CEO

CTA: Get My Formula

Where will the CTA buttons link? Include the URL.

What else should we know? Is this an update on a previous landing page? Is there more background you can share? Are these competitive examples that you like? What does the client tend to like (or not like)? The more information you share, the more we’re equipped to deliver excellent landing pages.!

Hi Alejandro, thanks for sharing! Here’s a quick video with some feedback:


You have a lot of good elements. I like that you repeat your call to action and that you include both testimonials and logos for credibility. I do think there are ways to make it even more effective though.

First, I would suggest testing creating pages for each of the conditions you mention in your headline. That would add relevance and allow you to make it a bit more specific.

Next, I would play up the personalization of the product more. That’s your clear differentiator, and I think it gets kind of lost. It would be good to explain a bit more about how that works and try to tie it into the rest of the page as well.

Similarly, I think the call to action could be a bit clearer. I think I understand what “Get My Formula” means when I think about it, but it’s not immediate, and it doesn’t set a clear expectation of what’s going to happen when the user clicks the button. It’s sort of combining a couple of steps. I would focus on just getting people into the quiz, especially since you aren’t listing a price anywhere.

In fact, it would be a good idea to really sell the offer rather than the product, especially if the details of that product are dependent on the answers. Think about what the benefits of that next step are and stress that. Use language such as "When you take the quiz, you’ll [get, know, etc.]…

Before and after images can be particularly effective for this kind of product category as they provide visual proof.

I would also spread the logos and testimonials a bit further apart so that you’re building credibility throughout the page. The logos might work well right under the hero section.

Best of luck!


Hi @Alejandro_Goicouria!

Building on the feedback above, I’d like to add a few points.

I think tweaking the CTA is something you should absolutely consider to increase conversions. For instance, in the section ‘Just what you need. Nothing you don’t’, the body copy mentions a Skin Genome Quiz whereas the CTA says ‘Get my formula’. That can seriously confuse visitors. One way to deal with this is to remove the CTA altogether but if you still want it there then please consider playing with different copy on the button.

I think your product has some great value to offer to the right visitor; simple, personalised, saves time and money. Are there any testimonials that speak directly to this? Consider adding those to strengthen your social proof.

Also, can you flesh out exactly how much time and money is saved by choosing PROVEN? The copy already mentions things like ‘No more waiting 3 months to get into the dermatologist’ and 20 bottles but can these figures be refined even more?

And finally, I think the subheads throughout the page can do much more than they’re currently doing. I would advice against going for placeholder copy and would instead suggest you go ahead and pull out the most interesting facts from body copy and make them subheads.

An example could be: Replace ‘The Proven Skincare Difference’ with ‘3 simple skincare steps, not 20’. This’ll make the reader want to read more and compelling headings are a great way to do just that. The suggested subhead also speaks to your value prop and might help scanners even more.

All the best!