Announcing Mobile Responsive Early Access Launch


**UPDATE: Hey Everyone!

I’m very excited to announce that Mobile Responsive has now officially launched! Every user now has access to the new tools enabled within the builder.

For info on using Mobile Responsive read the article below:…

If you have any feedback let us know! We’d love to hear it.**

Hi Everyone,

We’ve been working on this feature for a while and we’re very excited to announce that we’re ready to push Mobile Responsive into Early access.

If you’ve already signed up for early access, you will have received (or will receive shortly) an email with an introduction to the feature and a confirmation that it’s been turned on in your account by the end of the day today.

If you haven’t already signed up or don’t receive an email from Carter by the end of the day and you would like to try out Mobile Responsive, please email us at and we’ll add you into the early access group

Once Mobile Responsive is enabled in your account, you’ll see responsive versions of all of our existing templates when you go to create a new page. You can also make your existing pages responsive (though this process is pretty manual right now).

We strongly recommend testing out Mobile Responsive on a new page before running any traffic.

We have a list of tips and tricks to get people started with Mobile Responsive here. And, since it is still being fleshed out, a list of known issues that we’ll keep updated here.

If you run into any issues using this feature, please reach out to us at and we can help you out, but please use this thread to leave us any feedback, share any tips for other users, or just discuss Mobile Responsive and responsive design in general.

Responsive design
How to get a responsive landing page?

Super sweet!


That looks awesome!
Emailing for the Beta group as we speak.


Gorgeous and easy!




Amazing! Can’t wait to try this out!


This is great! Although images aren’t retina ready (or maybe I’m missing something). Any news in supporting @2x?


Great, thanks.


I generatet a variant B of a page and resized al elements intothe mobile format but when I open this variant with a smarphone there is no responsivness. Still the desktop version appears


Please ignor my commet above. It now works but it is not really smooth responsive. The format just switch from desktop to responsive when I squeeze my desktop so it is not quite good for tablets. Am I right?


Hi Gian, 
Perhaps I can give a bit of clarity here. Our Mobile Responsive functionality works by utilizing a single breakpoint that defines if the page should be displayed as  desktop _ or  _mobile _. This breakpoint is based on browser width, so if a browser under 600px wide tries to view the page - it will automatically display the mobile version. This ensures that your users will get the best experience, whether they’re on desktop or mobile. 

Tablets are a bit different. Generally, when a full-size website loads up on a tablet in landscape view, it will display just as it would on a desktop browser. However, when a page is loaded on Safari in portrait view, the browser will either attempt to load the full-size website zoomed out; or load a tablet specific version of the page. 

Although we don’t have tablet specific mobile break-points, you should be able to load the desktop version on both landscape and desktop without too much of an issue. We’re currently seeing a small bug when initially loading responsive pages in portrait view (only 95% of the page is visible), but this is something we’re aware of and should have a fix for in the future. In the meantime the user might need to pinch-to-zoom to see the entire page, which is something any tablet user will intuitively understand to do. 

Our Mobile Responsive functionality has been implemented to ease the pain point of developing separate mobile/desktop versions of each page. We’re still in Beta, which means some things aren’t final just yet, but we’re almost there and we’re happy to hear any feedback you have about the feature. 


Is anyone having issues with the page displaying on mobile?

On Iphone the fonts are changed with messes with the text sizes.

On Android some of the section and element size and positions are changed.


Hi Ben!

There shouldn’t be any issues cross platform, but just to be sure I’m going to open up a support ticket so we can take a look. Look out for my email. :slight_smile:


Is there a way to differentiate the traffic and conversions between desktop and mobile?


Hi Tudor - segmenting stats isn’t built into Unbounce, but you can do this with Google Analytics. Johnny wrote up a guide to doing this here


So does this save both versions?

Why don’t I just duplicate the page and narrow my margins by hand? That’s all this does, and all the text is way out of bounds so I still have to resize / edit the hell out of it to get it to fit the narrower page??

I wouldn’t really call this “mobile responsive” at all. It just saves the need to duplicate the page but everything else after that is still required. Unless I’m missing something?




I create unbounce templates for sale and I’m very happy to see some progress on mobile “responsive” feature.

I really enjoy creating templates with unbounce but this “responsive” feature is not that good. Why there is scaling option for text if templates are not true responsive. There is no benefit from this, it just makes creating mobile version harder and not precise.

In this case text size, alignment and line height should not be shared between mobile and desktop version.

"Form fields will be the same across desktop and mobile. You cannot change form fields across the different views at this time."
I hope this is not some kind a joke?
What now? Should I hide forms on mobile version? This is ridiculous.


try it out then see how you feel LOL


Hey Elvis I hearya…

Could be called “One Click Page Narrower Before You Still Have to Resize / Realign Everything One at a Time Anyways” LOL

(Sorry guys I do love the rest of the platform but this one is a dud;-(
Give us some MORE FONTS w/text Shadow/Stroke feature, a simple tilt/rotation tool for text boxes and images and a countdown timer and most of us will be thrilled I think?)


I have test it a little more and I found out that I’m able to restyle form in mobile version and that is great!