Anchor Link Scrolling and Sticky Header


I’m trying to account for the header on my page that I’ve fixed to the top with this solution. When the user clicks a button to scroll to an anchor link in a section further down,

I’d like to offset for the header’s hight but I think I’m implementing the CSS wrong.

This is my page

Code In Section That I’d like to so scroll to.


CSS Stylesheet:

    padding-top: 73px;

I’d love to see what I’m doing wrong here. I’m fairly new at web-dev 


I dont see href with the class “weDoAnchor” in your HTML

I see

lp-element lp-pom-text nlh" id="lp-pom-text-204"> lplh-115" style="text-align: center;"> weDo" name="weDo"> color:#808080;">Lato">font-size: 36px; color:">WE PLAN font-size:64px;">| weDo">font-family: Lato; font-size: 36px; color:#03a9f4;">YOU DO weDo">

You seem to have two occurrences of   one with an ID and one without and neither with a class.