Analyze User Behavior on Different Landing Pages Using Data Visualizations

Unbounce is perfect tool to create high converting landing pages but It’s hard to “get heard” in today’s world. You have to do something to stand out and beat the competition.

Good thing is data is our friend we can use it to predict future and make timely decision to beat our competition.

Data can be complicated to interpret and understand for someone who doesn’t know the field. Therefore, creating data visualization for SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing makes the data more understandable and trends/patterns simple to follow and implement improved organic business growth.

I created this Sankey diagram with just few clicks without any coding using an Data Visualization tool named ChartExpo.

By visualizing this I am able to make better and timely decision on which platform and landing page I need to focus and work more to achieve better results.

Thanks & Regards!
– CF