Analytics conversion tracking says (not set) where the PPC keyword is supposed to be


I have established an unbounce landing page for my PPC campaign. In google analytics I have conversion tracking set up, which reports the source of the conversion as the unbounce landing page (eg HOWEVER, the keyword says (not set). It’s nice to know my unbounce page is converting. But I need to know what keyword is converting. Help please.


The first steps are to make sure there are no technical problems.

  1. Verify that Google Adwords is set to send tracking information (My Account -> Preferences -> Auto-Tagging).

  2. Verify that you have your Adwords and Google Analytics accounts linked. (

  3. Verify that your Google Analytics is set to track “One domein with multiple sub-domains.”

  4. Verify that the Google Analytics Code is the same on your Landing Page and Main Site are the same.

If all of that is correct it should be sending the information through.

If you verify those things are right I will have a few other questions that might shed light on the situation.